Sunday, October 30, 2011

Costume Ideas

Tomorrow night my friends and I are having a costume/halloween party and I'm still not sure who to be.

My first choice was to be badass Quinn Fabray in the new season of Glee

And this could work because I have a bandage skirt like that and a sleeveless retro top similar with that, too. Plus!! I gots loads of chunky accessories and combat boots

Then my friend suggested that maybe I could go as Cruella De Ville 

But it's a bit hard because I don't have any fur and polka-dotted clothing and I don't have time to buy 

Then I thought maybe I could go as a wolf, if all else fails....

Lol. I have a wolf hat anyway, so...... 

But I have so many other ideas! I need to be invited to more costume parties! ;3 

Kurt Cobain 


White Queen 

Ramona Flowers

Black Swan Queen

I really need to make up my mind already

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