Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's go back to the olden days

So... I'm looking for a typewriter. I dont know. It's cool and it would be nice to take pictures with it.  Also, I would like to decorate my room with it. And maybe even actually use it! :3

i think the blue one is a modern one though... i want an old one. but having both a modern and old typewriter is superb too! 


and then maybe i'd take pictures like this

I JUST LOVE TYPEWRITERS OKAY. your argument is invalid.

(then i would buy records too and save the album art and be awesome)

then take also take pretty pictures like this (oh dont get me wrong. the pictures are all pretty, but this is more my forte):


Urgh. I want those badly. They're so pretty! Why didn't my generation used those? That would've been pretty cool. heh. I wonder if someday, the next generations that would come would be fantasizing about having iPods and laptops for an "antique" collection. Haha. That would be interesting. 

xx, inah 

Monday, April 25, 2011


 So I haven't updated in like 2 weeks because I just came back from Manila! It was good timing when we got there because it was sale everywhere!! woot! Hehe. Just some pictures while I was staying at Manila...

My nails are awesome. half red, half not! Haha.

I bought meself 2 dreamcatchers! Success!

Dreamcatchers ♥

This Husky's for 60k!! I want sana!

Cutie pieeeee

Crostinni @ Pasto

Audrey Hepburn wallet!! ♥

xx, inah 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Water's so fine

Sorry for this late post! This happened last April 2nd, just like what I said in my previous post. Anyhoo, we went swimming! First stop was Chalet rooftop and we sorta just chilled there then after we went to a subdivision to swim! Few photos only~

Lia rocks my boater hat! Haha!


Paula, you look so cute here! ☺

Paula, Lia, and I! Awesome Threesome!

Pauie- longboarding mastah! among all of us, that is

Hey, at least I'm a fast learner ;)

Weee! I'm loving summer already! Good vibes <3

xx, inah  <3

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy April Fools' day!

Went out with friends last April 1st to watch Sucker Punch- and it was one hell of a movie! Really mindblowing and I was actually pissed after watching because I hardly understood the story. But thanks to Wikipedia, I now get it. Haha! (oh and thanks too, Gabe!)

There's a funny story behind this drink right here, we actually wanted this shake or whatever that was, that a girl we saw drinking. So we pointed the girl out to the cashier and asked what she was drinking and said we wanted that, too. Then when this drink came, we were shocked and then we realized the cashier thought we wanted the drink of the man the girl was with. jioweiuoiet. *SIGH. so yeah. It was nice anyway, so nevaaahmind. Haha!


Paula and I! (;

Then last April 2nd, we went swimming and I will update that soon! 

xx, inah <3