Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy April Fools' day!

Went out with friends last April 1st to watch Sucker Punch- and it was one hell of a movie! Really mindblowing and I was actually pissed after watching because I hardly understood the story. But thanks to Wikipedia, I now get it. Haha! (oh and thanks too, Gabe!)

There's a funny story behind this drink right here, we actually wanted this shake or whatever that was, that a girl we saw drinking. So we pointed the girl out to the cashier and asked what she was drinking and said we wanted that, too. Then when this drink came, we were shocked and then we realized the cashier thought we wanted the drink of the man the girl was with. jioweiuoiet. *SIGH. so yeah. It was nice anyway, so nevaaahmind. Haha!


Paula and I! (;

Then last April 2nd, we went swimming and I will update that soon! 

xx, inah <3

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