Tuesday, May 31, 2011


i've been wanting to remodel and redecorate my room because mine really sucks right now. so i found some pictures that i could use for my future room lol

lovely closet dont ya think

omfg and this corner fjksdfjfdjkfd

a bathroom! i dont know, its a pretty bathroom ok

i love this room. its so cozy and chill



the Christmas lights make it prettier

some of the bedroom pictures above are like those big princess-y ones which i like but then some of em are those cozy, not so big ones which i think are better cause it would be nice to have just a small, private space to myself with polaroids and photographs hung on the wall and a cute dresser and all those other shiznit

Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 19th

yeah so we had this so-called 'shoot'. it was all spontaneous and random but the photos were really nice.. thanks to the awesome new portrait lens of my cousin's!! ☺

meee taken by my cousin

this was a candid

my cousin ☺

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pepsi Light

my cousin and our friends had this mini-photoshoot yesterday at The Ruins and it was sooo fun and thank you God we had really cool photos. my cousin's new portrait lens was really helpful too :3 anyway, during the "shoot" (though i wouldn't really call it a shoot cause it was just all for fun and all), i had a Pepsi Light can which i was drinking and then we started to goof off with me holding the Pepsi can in a way that it looks like an ad! Haha! 

yep thats me and the awesome Husky/Wolf hat of my cousin (wish it was mine huhu)


we're serious about sending these to Pepsi Company cause these photos are really good forrealsss!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


SUMMER IS ENDING IM SO UPSET AND PISSED. back to the boring 10 months of my life!! this is so sad. why can't we have 2 months of school and 10 months of summer? THAT makes more sense, you know. really. i don't even know how to write properly anymore!! this is so depressing, i need a FroYo to make meself feel better. GAH LIFE. well anyway, nothing much to see here... just a rant. 


Sunday, May 15, 2011

pixie cuts

My older sister, Paula, she really wants me to get this haircut

not necessarily the mohawk and all but just the pixie cut  (but if ever i DO get this pixie, i'm so gonna try to make it into a mohawk! i mean, Natalie can't be the only one who can rock that!)
 i'm not so sure though. she says it's cause my face shape is perfect for it cause i have a heart shaped one. yeah anyway, she got herself that cut last year..

she's the one in the black dress and that's her friend, Hannah

it looked really good on her but she was surprised that it did haha! 
because her face was round and well, obviously, pixie cuts don't look that nice on round faces.

yeah so maybe i will get it. someday, just not these days. maybe when i'm out of college? yeah seems so far but i wanna enjoy my long locks first

i love wolves. they're really pretty animals. and there's always something *MAGICAL* in them. haha! okay that may sound so silly but whatever! i even changed my background thingy up there! 


wolf sketches are something i fancy too so, yay!? haha

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Okay. i know this sounds cliche and typical for any teenage girl who has wanderlust (is my grammar correct lol whatever idc), but i really really want to travel the world.

First on my list is Europe




 (Rome, Italy)

( London, England)

Then i also want to go to North and South America


i'm just after the beach though!! and look at that fckin beach house! I WANT IT!






And so much more actually-- not just the ones in the pictures. ughh. i want to travel badly! once i leave college, i'm really doing this. no backing out! and i don't care if i travel alone, actually that's probably even better..