Sunday, May 15, 2011

pixie cuts

My older sister, Paula, she really wants me to get this haircut

not necessarily the mohawk and all but just the pixie cut  (but if ever i DO get this pixie, i'm so gonna try to make it into a mohawk! i mean, Natalie can't be the only one who can rock that!)
 i'm not so sure though. she says it's cause my face shape is perfect for it cause i have a heart shaped one. yeah anyway, she got herself that cut last year..

she's the one in the black dress and that's her friend, Hannah

it looked really good on her but she was surprised that it did haha! 
because her face was round and well, obviously, pixie cuts don't look that nice on round faces.

yeah so maybe i will get it. someday, just not these days. maybe when i'm out of college? yeah seems so far but i wanna enjoy my long locks first

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