Friday, November 4, 2011

My plans in bullets

  • Save, save, save fuckload of money
  • Learn how to swim (yes, I don't know how okay stfu), bike, and cartwheel just because
  • Buy pretty film and analog cameras and polaroids. Then finally, preferably, a 50D
  • Start that business thing with my friends (pretty shirts)
  • Start travelling with friends or with my sister even just in the country!!
  • Get driving lessons when I reach 16 (next year)
  • Get my student's permit thing
  • Ask for a car (I want a pick-up)
  • Graduate from highschool (okay lang kung walang honors, I don't really care about HS)
  • Start another blog- this one a fashion-related one
  • Get into SoFa Manila or Benilde
  • Live in a dorm or in a condo with my sister or s/t basta no parents!!
  • Get my own dog- Shih Tzu or Chow-chow
  • Travel some more with friends and sister or s/t
  • Start being serious, but should also have fun~
  • Aim for high grades!!! 
  • Graduate with honors! (Suma or Magna or even Cum Laude lang okay na)
  • Start my own line/store
  • Get a place of my own and live with my pooch (now I'm thinking maybe I should get a Shih Tzu nalang)
  • Join events and stuff so that my line would get all popular and I can get lotsa money yay
  • Once I get lotsa money, travel more! woo
  • When travelling, inquire everywhere and put up store branches in different countries (Asia first?)
  • Travel, travel, travel-- skydive, cliff jump, see Greece, sunbathe in Hawaii... etcetera, etcetera.
The End. Ugh. Marriage, men and love can wait. These are just plans for myself :3 Yeah, my biggest priority is to travel. 

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