Friday, September 16, 2011


I have always been fascinated with photography. I used to like those super edited ones in digital, but right now I'm really into film. Film photography is more interesting and it creates a story. But it is also way expensive to maintain and keep up. The cameras aren't that expensive but the film is a bit pricey especially if you keep taking photos and then you'd have to have it developed and then you buy film again. STILL, want to take film tho.

So I've been looking for film cams and found these in multiply online stores:
an Argus A-Four Camera

Agfa Optima Sensor

Split Camera

Ansco Panorama

Holga 135BC TLR

Golden Half

Eximus Ulra Wide

BlackBird Fly TLR

Waterproof Film Cam

Takara Tomy Tolne

Lomo Sprocket Rocket

And of course the famous Holga, Diana, and One-Step Polaroid :3

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