Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I hate the society

People hating on other people without any exact reason at all is really mean and i really hate that. I have this classmate who may not be as rich as the other kids, who cant really afford things, who doesn't look """pretty""" enough. So other people despises her like as if she's this dirty, old rag. That is downright rude. You dont hate on others just because they're not the same as you. Why? do you have to be like them? Is there some unwritten law about that? This really opened up my eyes and changed my point of view. How discriminating the society is. I hate it, really. 

I also stopped believing in rumors or gossips. I have full knowledge that i absolutely do not have the right to judge anyone. The talked-about persons must have a reason. You cant just think this or think that, say this or that, you dont know anything, if you think about it. Something I learned from the past years of drama and whatnot, you dont really know a person until you've learned his/her story. Everyone has a life story. So dont believe other people's tales.

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