Monday, June 27, 2011


I gave up liking on anyone. I find it pretty stupid because you get nothing from it. Sure, you get ~*inspired*~ and all those shit; love songs, lovestory movies, love quotes... etcetera etcetera. But I mean, really? really now? We're a bunch of highschool kids for whoever's sake. I'd rather spend teenage years on friends, exploring, feeling as free as a bird and whatnot than cuddling with some significant other and be all 'you and I against the world'. face it, young love almost always never works so why try it!! One way or another you'll get hurt and regret everything and be on the verge of tears. 

plus i have very high standards. I love old-fashioned love. i want handwritten love letters. i want picnic dates. stargazing sessions. kissing in the rain. And all those other "crummy", often called "corny" things. For me, thats what young love should be about. not instant messaging, alcohol drinking sessions...  that's hella stupid. I pondered about it and I do want a romeo-juliet kind of love. If I cant have that kind of teenage love, I'd rather not have it then. So if i cant have that, we can save those stuff for later and instead of that, why don't we just the fuck the stars and make it look good. 

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